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himself and others. >> video shows two armed men enter pharmacy in michigan and took one manager hostage and dragged him through the aisle at gunpoint. one of the gunman leapt over the counter and pointed his gun at the pharmacist and try to open fire. >> i feared for my life. the gunman repeatedly attempted to fire upon me. in self-defense i fired my weapon. >> the robbers left the store. walgreens fired him despite the fact he had a permit to carry the gun. he is fighting back for -- with a lawsuit in federal court. >> people are used to flooding but they never get used to the damage. a congressman is proposing an idea. we have more about the story. >> it is a tough truth here that during these economic times, there is not going to be the money to fix the flooding problems i have here. >> as they cleaned up their neighborhood for the second time in five years, those who live in huntington are reacting to words there may never be a flood control for this community. >> i what them investing in us not taking from us. >> the reality is the public sector is likely not going to come up with
eastern suburbs. overnight, the next batch of its shoppers coming across michigan and ohio. we are still mild around 70. we will only see highs in the mid-50's tomorrow. a little bit of sunshine on sunday. we will talk more coming up in a couple of minutes. >>> the rams are the new detroit. the st. louis franchise is not entirely sparking intimidation. they are already pegged in the sweepstakes. for the redskins, who are working with a short week, this is a mental game. the redskins podcast this week is to focus on the -- top task is the key is to focus on the rams and get over the cowboys. to get rid of that monday night after case the redskins will have to go on the road and defeat the san louis rams. >> they have a defense plan hard and playing together. >> washington bought st. louis is best shot last season, too. they fell flat against the rams 30-16. >> there will be a lot of teams in this league that is not as talented. >> sunday's game could come down to a battle between quarterbacks. rex grossman knows he needs to improve. >> i put a lot of pressure on myself every week. when i
he conducted her -- his daughter from oklahoma and was heading to his home in michigan. also caught on tape, an ambush at a restaurant. as you see on the video, he is seen tossing items off the counter. he takes a swing in the year before leaving. he was not finished. he came back. he grabbed a mop and hit the workers with it. police say he was upset about the disease -- he was upset about the desert portion of his meal. >> anger management may be. >>> the golden arches are rolling out new happy meals decide to take -- to make kids healthier. they will come with apple slices. the kids' meals will also come with a smaller size of french fries -- just about 1 ounce. the chicken nuggets will have less sodium and it will come with a choice of 1% chocolate milk or regular belt. >>> 7 line cubs are turning one year old today. to celebrate their birthdays animal keepers presented the cubs with the blood samples. -- bloodcicles. they were born in two letters last year. >> not for a happy meal though. >> all right. let's see what's coming up next on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> you don't want to g
are over 24 hours. it is cooler in the upper peninsula of michigan. it is 13 degrees cooler in chicago, 19 degrees cooler in minneapolis, and a couple of degrees warmer east of the appalachians. this is going to change. it will not come soon enough for the folks in texas. look at this 106 in texas. they have set the record. 101 in oklahoma city. there is a big change and the numbers. there will be a big cool-down in the next 48 hours. high pressure over head, and we will have some high clouds tomorrow. two old friends, one in the afternoon and evening. a second strong cold front thursday. a higher probability of showers about 40%. and then leading into that cooler, drier air, early friday morning, this will sweep and. we're talking mid 80's. upper 60's here on friday. a definite change. a nearly full moon after last night. last night was the harvest moon. that is what that was. 73 degrees 65 tomorrow morning 82 at midday with partly cloudy skies, and the next seven days showed temperatures in the upper 80's, then upper 70's and upper 60's. lots of sunshine dry air and highs in the low 70's
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4

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